If your cat is biting your hair, you’ll likely find yourself wondering what exactly is causing this quirky behavior. In most cases, your cat biting your hair is a sign of care and affection, but it could be something to worry about if your cat bites your hair all the time. Here’s why your cat might be biting your hair – and how to get them to stop!

Reasons Why Your Cat Bites Your Hair

There are a few different reasons why your cat might be biting your hair. Determining the cause of your cat’s hair biting can help you get her to stop.

Playing and Hunting

Just like your cat might chew on a ribbon, a piece of string, or a thread, they likely see your hair as a fun toy. If this is the case, your cat may paw at your hair, and you might notice it more when your hair is loose.

Grooming and Affection

Why Does My Cat Bite My Hair

Cats groom themselves and those who they consider to be part of their families – whether that’s their feline family or their human family! When your cat bites your hair, they might be trying to groom you because they love you.

Hair Products

If you use a shampoo or other hair product with a strong scent, your cat might find themselves attracted to the smell or taste. Cats have their own unique tastes, so you might be surprised by the flavors they like.

Soothing Behavior

Cats who struggle with anxiety often bite or chew on things to calm down. Biting on your hair might be your cat’s way of coping when they feel stressed.


Why Does My Cat Bite My Hair

Pica is a condition where cats chew on things that aren’t their food, including hair as well as inanimate objects. There are several things that may cause pica, such as nutritional deficiencies, early weaning, or a lack of exercise.

How to Get Your Cat to Stop Biting Your Hair

Not only can it be annoying when your cat bites your hair, but it can also be harmful for their health if they’re ingesting too much of your hair. If your cat won’t stop biting your hair, be sure to take them to the vet to rule out any underlying health issues. Here are some of the ways you can get your cat to stop biting your hair.

Move away from your cat

When your cat starts to bite your hair, immediately move away from them every time. While they may get frustrated at first, they’ll eventually learn that they cannot bite on your hair.

Distract your cat with a toy

Why Does My Cat Bite My Hair

Your cat might be biting your hair because they are bored or want attention. If this is the case, try using their favorite toy to distract them away from your hair.

Switch your hair products

If you think your cat might be attracted to your hair products, consider switching up your hair routine. If your cat is no longer attracted to the smell, then they might stop biting your hair.

Create a safe space to reduce stress

cat bite hair

If your cat’s biting issues are a result of stress, take steps to help them feel more comfortable. Make sure they have cozy spaces in your home where they can relax away from loud noises and other stressors. You should also make sure you’re spending plenty of time with them to reduce separation anxiety.

If your cat won’t stop biting your hair, take them to the vet to help correct the behavior. Your vet can help you treat any health conditions that are causing the biting. Occasional biting isn’t too worrisome – it’s usually just an indication that your cat cares about you!