The idea of your cat getting stuck in a tree may seem like a trope, but it unfortunately happens more than you might expect.

If your cat actually gets stuck in a tree, you might be wondering how to get them down safely – without calling the fire department. With a little bit of strategy and coaxing, you should be able to get your feline friend back down to the ground.

Here’s how you can get your cat out of a tree – and prevent it from happening again.

How to Get Your Cat Out Of A Tree

Why do cats get stuck in trees?

Cats are agile, active creatures, and they love to be up high and get a great vantage point. Unfortunately, when they get up too high, they sometimes get scared to come down. Because of the way cats’ claws are shaped, they only feel secure when they are moving upward.

To get down, they will have to slowly back down the tree, which isn’t the most comfortable experience for many cats.

Outdoor cats often get stuck in trees because they like to explore. They may have been chasing a bird or a squirrel and wanted to get closer to their potential prey. They also just might want a better view of the neighborhood.

It’s natural for cats to want to explore, but things can get out of hand when they end up stuck.

 How can I get my cat down from the tree?

How to Get Your Cat Out Of A Tree

First of all, don’t panic – healthy cats can survive without water for a couple of days, so you have plenty of time to try to get them down. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave them to find their own way down. It’s particularly important to get help right away if the weather is bad, or if your cat usually stays indoors.

Start by talking to your cat gently to reassure them. Your voice will be familiar and comforting, and may encourage them to climb down on their own.

If your cat is stuck in a relatively short tree, you may be able to get them out on your own with the help of a ladder. Be sure to have a friend help stabilize the ladder at the bottom, so that you and your furry friend can get down safely. With shorter trees, you also may be able to build a ramp to help your cat climb down comfortably.

How to Get Your Cat Out Of A Tree

Don’t use food to try to lure the cat out of the tree, as it could attract other animals that will startle them.

If you can’t get your cat out of the tree on your own, you may need to call for some help. Avoid calling the fire department, as they no longer have the resources to get cats out of trees safely. Instead, look for a professional animal rescue service who has experience with these types of situations.

Some landscaping services also may be able to help get your cat down safely.

How can I prevent my cat from getting stuck in a tree again?

How to Get Your Cat Out Of A Tree

Having your cat stuck in a tree is a very stressful situation that you’ll want to prevent from happening again. Of course, keeping your cat inside is the easiest way to stop them from getting stuck in a tree.

If your cat consistently gets stuck in trees, consider keeping them on a leash when they are outside, or limiting their outdoor space with gates and fencing. Better supervision can also prevent your cat from climbing trees. You should also make sure your cat is microchipped, as this will help you find them if they get lost.