Emma Robinson - Miss Cats Creator

Emma Robinson

Miss Cats Creator
Hey! Welcome to Miss Cats and thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Emma and this is my gorgeous cat Belle. I am a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant from San Francisco. I work with private clients, implementing behavior modification plans for their cats who exhibit behavior concerns.

By working with clients and their cats I can see first hand the real benefits of knowledge and understanding of our feline companions. Through applying this knowledge and understanding, I am able to help my clients regain the bond with their cat and the joy of being a pet parent.

I decided to create Miss Cats to be a hub of quality information. Whether it’s health, food, behavior, grooming, toys or accessories – we’ve got you covered! Together with my incredible team of vets, I aim to produce valuable content that will help you love and take care of your cat.
Dr Joanna Woodnutt - Miss Cats Team

Dr Joanna Woodnutt

Dr Jo graduated from the University of Nottingham and went straight into small animal practice. In her first job, she often worked at the feline-only branch, which gave her a deep understanding of cats- not just their medical needs, but also their behavioural needs. Jo now works part-time as a relief vet, dedicating the rest of her time to writing articles to help pet owners understand their pets.
Dr Marie Menniti - Miss Cats Team

Dr Marie Francesca Menniti

After qualifying from veterinary school, Dr Marie ended up working in poultry practice. Although she lives in Edinburgh, her work takes her all over the country visiting poultry farms. She has a masters in nutrition, and likes to use her knowledge to help pet owners make the best decisions for her pets. She has one gorgeous Bengal cat, called Meeyu.
Dr Ellen Marcinkiewicz - Miss Cats Team

Dr Ellen Marcinkiewicz

Dr Ellen grew up in Australia, and after graduating worked as a vet in New Zealand before travelling to the UK. She now works as a relief vet, covering holidays and helping clinics out when they’re short staffed. She loves all things animals, and is passionate about animal health and client education.
Dr Sarah-Jane Molier - Miss Cats Team

Dr Sarah-Jane Molier

Dr Sarah-Jane has always wanted to be a veterinarian, and eventually realised her dream when she graduated in 2009. Since then, she’s worked in a variety of small animal clinics, including charity work. She now helps her practice on the managerial side of things whilst she raises her family, looks after her cat and dogs, and writes.